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UAS Sentry Enterprise System POE: The Affordable Solution for Enhanced Prison Security, Law Enforcement Centers, and Private Citizens in Responding to Unwanted Drones

Traverse City, Michigan – January 18th – Drone Sky Defender, a leading provider of innovative drone monitoring solutions, is pleased to introduce the UAS Sentry Enterprise Power over Ethernet (POE) system. Designed to enhance prison security, law enforcement centers, and private citizens’ ability to respond to unwanted drones, the UAS Sentry POE offers an effective and affordable solution.

Greg MacMaster, former Michigan State Legislator and chairman of Michigan Department of Corrections, recognized the urgent need for a solution that can effectively combat the delivery of contraband into prisons.

“The delivery of contraband into prisons continues to plague our correction centers nationwide. We needed a system that could alert officers and dispatch deputies immediately and apprehend offenders (and secure drones) before the drop occurs.”

The UAS Sentry POE system provides reasonably priced solutions for every application, A fixed based unit (POE) is available for $5000. Mobile units (BVLOS) starting as low as $500. Government and quantity discounts make it highly affordable for monitoring airspace and ensuring security.

Key Features of the UAS Sentry POE system include:

1. Immediate Drone Pilot Location: The system locates the drone pilot within seconds of take-off, allowing for a swift response to the drone’s exact location.

2. Versatile Applications: The UAS Sentry POE system is not limited to prisons. It is also ideal for mobile command centers, firefighting operations, accident reconstruction, stadiums, air shows, concerts, and more. Any place where unwanted drones can impede your operations, Drone Sky Defender’s UAS solution can mitigate that risk & liability.

Drone Sky Defender is committed to providing effective and accessible solutions for drone security. With the UAS Sentry Enterprise POE system, enhanced prison security, law enforcement centers, and private citizens can now respond swiftly and effectively to unwanted drones, ensuring the safety and security of their environments.

For more information about the UAS Sentry POE system and how it can benefit your security needs, please contact Drone Sky Defender at

About Drone Sky Defender

Drone Sky Defender is a leading provider of innovative drone monitoring solutions. With a focus on affordability and effectiveness, Drone Sky Defender offers cutting-edge systems to enhance security and respond to unwanted drones.


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